42 hour give away 

i finally hit 100 followers, well 106 <3

 so heres an acnllover give away

  • 81 ores
  • 14 hybirds
  • hibiscus hair pins
  • 5 sea globes
  • 6 ukuleles
  • 2 kitchen islands
  • 1 lovely phone
  • 2 beach tables
  • 1 deluxe washer 
  • perfect pears
  • 4 baskets of bamboo
  • baskets of all fruit (bananas, coconuts)

1st prize winner:

  •  41 ores, ( of their choice) except gold! first prize winner gets 5 gold
  • hibiscus hair pin
  • 1 sea bowl
  • ukuleles 
  • 1 beach table 
  • 1 kitchen island
  • 5 baskets of perfect pears
  • 4 hybirds of their choice

2nd prize winner 

  • 20 ores of their choice ( 2 gold ores)
  • 1 hibiscus hair pin
  • 1 sea globe
  • 1 ukulele
  • 1 beach table
  • 1 island kitchen
  • 2 baskets of perfect pears
  • 4 hybirds (what ever is left after the 1st winner chooses)

3rd prize winner 

  • 10 ores (2 gold)
  • 1 hibiscus hair pin
  • 1 sea globe
  • 1 ukulele
  • either lovely phone or deluxe washer
  • 3 hybirds ( what ever is left from 1st and 2nd winners)
  • 1 basket of perfect pears
  • 2 basket of bamboo

4th prize winner

  • 5 ores (2 gold)
  • 1 hibiscus hair pin
  • 1 sea globe
  • 1 ukulele
  • either lovely phone or deluxe washer( which ever one is left)
  • 2 hybirds (what ever is left)
  • 1 basket of perfect pears
  • 2 basket of bamboo

5th prize winner

  • 5 ores (2 gold) 
  • 1 sea globe
  • 1 ukulele
  • 1 hybird (what ever is left)
  • 1 basket of every fruit except perfect pears
  • 99,000 bells

               now the oh so boring rules…… 

  • you have to be following acnllover. i made this giveaway to thank my followers ( ill check) 
  • no giveaway blogs
  • reblogs only count(only one reblog per person counts)
  • reblog as much as you want, but remember no one wants to see the same post over and over again,
  •  this give away will end 10:00 pm (MST) September 30th 
  • you’ll have to be willing to share fc, and pick up the stuff you won

ill be posting notifications when the giveaway is about to end

once the giveaway ends ill message the winners, if i don’t get a reply within 24 hours ill choose another winner!  

if you’re an animal crossing blog ill follow you back

pls note that i am a full time mom so it might take me a while to follow back(: 

feel free to ask me questions

 every winner will get an extra surprise gift


Okay I didn’t really get to 10k yet, but I decided to do the New Leaf giveaway a little earlier! This is kinda my way to say thank you so much for putting up with me and my blog, and I’m so happy to have met some really awesome people, so c:



  • You DON’T have to be following me (follow me if you like my blog, not because of the giveaway!)
  • Your ask box must be open
  • You must be willing to give me your friend code (of course)
  • You can reblog as many times as you want (Likes DO count!)
  • Your items will be distributed at YOUR town, so make sure there’s a clear space for me to place your prizes!

More info:

  • The giveaway ends September 27th at 5p.m. EST, and the winner will be picked a few hours later (or sooner, it depends on how long it’ll take to find your url)
  • The winner will be chosen at random at this website
  • If you have any questions, my ask box is always open!

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In celebration of 15+ days of beautiful town status, I’m hosting a "Beautiful Town" themed giveaway!

There will be 5 winners. All winners will receive the same prize, except the first place winner who, in addition to the regular prizes, will also receive a Golden Watering Can. If the first place winner doesn’t want the can it will be offered to the second name chosen, and so on from there if the second place doesn’t want it.

The Prizes Include:

10 blue roses
10 purple roses
10 gold roses
10 black roses
10 orange roses
10 pink roses
1,000,000 bells

The Rules:

1. You don’t have to be following me, but it would be super appreciated if you did! If you’re one of my followers & you’re one of the names picked you’ll receive an additional 5 rose hybrids of your choice.
2. Likes & reblogs both count!
3. You must be comfortable telling me your 3DS FC so that I can deliver the prizes. If you don’t feel comfortable with me in your town for whatever reason you can come to pick them up in mine.
4. The giveaway ends September 1st. (:

Good luck everyone!

Like or Reblog if you are a 90%+ Animal Crossing Blog!


I want to make a page with every Animal Crossing Blog on Tumblr. If you’d like to be on this list, like or reblog this post and I will add you!

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So I was checking out the available towns to dream of in my region (Michigan) when I found a town called “the jam” and I thought to myself if this isn’t a space jam reference I s2g

I wasn’t disappointed

Welcome to the Jam

two sailor uniforms i made ♥

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PonPonPon outfit! 

made by me~

a dress i made for myself in acnl!

frick shes cute

frick shes cute




Sooo! I finally got two of my favourite villagers in my town so I’ll be doing a giveaway! Items Galore!

1st Place:

  • ~*~25 Million Bells~*~
  • 10 Gold Roses
  • 6 Blue Roses
  • 4 Pink Carnations
  • 4 Red Carnations
  • 3 Furniture Sets (Listed Below)
  • A Royal Crown or a Crown

2nd Place:

  • ~*~10 Million Bells~*~
  • 4 Blue Roses
  • 2 Furniture Sets (Listed Below)
  • 2 Pink Carnations
  • 2 Red Carnations
  • A Royal Crown or a Crown

3rd Place:

  • ~*~5 Million Bells~*~
  • 2 Blue Roses
  • 1 Furniture Set (Listed Below)
  • A Royal Crown or a Crown

2 Random Winners will also receive 2 million bells each!

(Carnations look like these)

Furniture Sets Include:

Card Set(Black or Red)

Princess Set

Sweets Set

Gracie Set

Roccoco Set

Spooky Set 

Egg Set

Campus Set

Modern Set

Exotic Set

Gorgeous set

& Possibly More!


  1. Likes and Reblogs count as separate entries!
  2. First Place chooses the 3 sets first, Second Place chooses what’s left and so on.
  3. Keep your asks box open so I can notify you.
  4. You must be comfortable with exchanging your 3DS Friend Code (because that’s how I’ll be giving you the items).
  5. I must receive a reply back in 24 hours. Otherwise, I will choose someone else.
  6. No giveaway blogs please! (I’ll be checking)
  7. You do not have to be following me.(But it’d be nice if you did ;D)

I’ll be choosing the winners on August 31.
Good luck everyone!

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